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  YUJE specialized in manufacturing passenger elevator sliding guide shoes, home lifts guide shoes, oil cups and other spare parts of elevators and escalators more than 10 years. The annual sales quantity is more than 300,000 sets.

  We have customers from Europe, USA and Japan, etc, so we get more and more professional.We focus on elevator guide shoes research and development, production

  and sales. At the same time, we locate to serve the middle- high end equipment manufacturers. We make the independent research and development of the guide shoes as the foundation and we make the quickly providing customers with personalized solutions as the main business model.

  We devote to providing the most advanced technology and products to our customers. The new type of guide shoe without oil which developed by us provides a new solution of green environment protection for elevator industry.

  Our mission is to help customers to get high quality products and good reputation from the best quality and deliberate service.